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“Here” is a platform for all voices on the University of Michigan’s campus. What the F originated as a fact-based women’s health magazine, which we pay homage to through our print column, “Sh*t I’m Afraid to Ask My Doctor.” Today, our focus has shifted to portraying the feminist movement as it should be: a place for representation and inclusivity. We publish all forms of writing and art that strive to advance the fight for intersectional equality by sharing marginalized experiences.


At What the F, we believe that telling stories builds community. It enables us to find common ground. Regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, and background, we want to use our pages, both online and in our print magazine, as a safe space for personal expression.


And that’s where you come in. The “F” in What the F stands for fresh, funny, fearless, feminist, and fuck. What do you stand for?


Interested in venting about systematic injustice? Wrote a poem about your first orgasm? Drew a picture inspired by your journey of self-love? None of/All of the above? Shoot us an email at whatthefmagazine@gmail.com with any pitches, questions, or just to say hi. We’d love to hear from you, but more importantly, we’d love to make your voice heard.



    Lia Baldori


Feminists In Charge.


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