What the f Presents:

Editor in Chief Natalie Brennan and Assistant Editor Stina Perkins explore systems of oppression and power in What the F's first podcast: Blunt History. The show documents the history of the war on crime and drugs, told, well, bluntly! Blunt History aims to provide insight on how women fit into the history of criminalization in America. At the same time, it seeks to broaden the definition of feminism to make clear that systems of domination and oppression are inherently feminist issues. At least, that's the type of feminism we support at What the F!


All research highlighted in each segment can be found here. 


Episode 1: A Beginning? San Francisco opium den ordinance

Episode 1: A Beginning? San Francisco Opium Den Ordinance - Unknown Artist
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Episode 6: Stop The Robberies enjoy safe streets

Episode 6: Stop The Robberies Enjoy Safe Streets - Unknown Artist
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Episode 2: prohibition (Control, control, control)

Episode 2: Prohibition (Control, Control, Control) - Unknown Artist
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Episode 7: Tough On Crime Wins 1907's-80's Elections - Unknown Artist
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Episode 3: A NEW DEAL for a new fbi

Episode 3: A New Deal for the FBI - Unknown Artist
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Episode 8: Clinton's 1990's Crackdown - Unknown Artist
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Episode 4: The 1950's Suburban Delinquent - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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EPISODE 5: Riots or Rebellion? 1960s liberalism fails black radicalism

Episode 5: Riots or Rebellion? 1960's Liberalism Fails Black Radicalism - Unknown Artist
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Episode 7: 1970's tough on crime wins elections

Episode 8: CLinton's 1990's crackdown

Episode 9: what now? Blunt endings and next steps


Ann Arbor, Michigan