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Women’s successes often goes unnoticed, from Hillary Clinton still being held accountable for Bill’s actions to famous female athletes being referred to as  “___’s wife.” What the F and the Michigan Daily wanted to create a space where female excellence is celebrated. Thus, She Hit It First was born: a collaborative initiative to highlight women’s accomplishments as “firsts” in their fields.


This limited series was co-hosted and produced by Lia Baldori, Samantha Small, Catherine Nouhan, and Meghan Clark. Music by Dustin Kellerman. Logo design by Maggie McConnell.


Episode 0 : INtroducing She Hit IT first

Introducing She Hit It First - Unknown Artist
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EPISode 1 : Our founding Mothers

Episode 1: Our Founding Mothers - Unknown Artist
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Episode 2 : From Muses to Makers

Episode 2: From Muses to Makers - Unknown Artist
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Episode 4: Atom(s) and Eve

Episode 4: Atom(s) and Eve - Unknown Artist
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